In partnership with Al-Waad Charitable Society, Al-Istiqlal University graduates the Economic Empowerment Course for Palestinian Women


The Center for Community Service and Continuing Education at Al-Istiqlal University graduated the participants of the economic empowerment course for Palestinian women, in partnership with Al-Waad Charitable Association, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Saleh Abu Osba, the President of the University, Governor Jihad Abu Al-Asal, Mr. Abd Al-Karem Seder, the Mayor of Jericho Municipality, Dr. Rajaa Sweidan, the deputy for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Salwa Ramadan, the deputy for students affairs, Mr. Mohammed Abdo, the Director of the Center, Ms. Rola Salameh, the Director General of the Falasten Al-Khair Foundation, and from the NGO Affairs Authority Mr. Nasser Al-Daher, the Vice-President of the Commission, Ms. Samia Al-Suwaiti, the Vice-President of Al-Waad Charitable Society, and Ms. Hanadi Barahma, the Director of Social Development.

Dr. Ramadan welcomed the attendees, confirming its national message and societal duty towards our people of all categories, in a way that deepens the Palestinian identity and strengthens the steadfastness of the citizen on his/her land.

And, she added, "This project seeks to empower women in their local production, in light of the Israeli invasion of Palestinian markets, on the path to defeating the occupation with the steadfastness of women and their insistence on changing reality, with the least available capabilities in our institutions."

Over the phone, HE Maj. Gen. Sultan Abu-Al Einen, the Chairman of the NGO Affairs Authority and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society, praised the efforts of all the existing authorities, to build a bright future for our daughters and sisters, improve their living conditions, and provide them with a decent life in the future, hoping that this project will be the beginning of the actual path of more developmental trends and continuous successes.

Furthermore, Mr. Abu Al-Asal praised the university’s efforts for this valuable initiative and generous gesture, and the need for institutional efforts unity to confront the racist and exploitative policies of the occupation of female workers and to search for appropriate alternatives to preserve the dignity of the Palestinian citizen.

Furthermore, Mr. Seder expressed his happiness with this distinguished meeting and its content, besides the importance of discussing the situations of the Palestinian women workers in the settlements, and providing them with material and moral support in light of the difficult living conditions, expressing full readiness to provide the necessary needs and possible exemptions for the owners of these projects.

For her part, Ms. Salameh pointed out the importance of embracing such pioneering ideas from a national and ethical point of view and directing the " Falasten Al-Khair " administration to follow up on these projects and obtain funding, and its keenness to spread the experience in Europe through networking with Palestinian communities and in partnership with the NGO Affairs Authority.

Moreover, Ms. Nawras Zbeidat, one of the participants in the course, thanked Al-Istiqlal University and its prominent and tangible role in shaping awareness and knowledge through the implementation of awareness lectures on the mechanism of project marketing, the factors for its success, how to determine the appropriate capital and investment, and the acquisition of economic methods, tools, and standards for managing and advancing them.

During the event, a short film was shown about the challenges that the participants face while working in the settlements, especially the lack of health insurance or financial compensation, in addition to the long working hours and low daily wages.

In conclusion, the names of the three winning projects were announced in succession: Al-Rayhan by Mrs. Ilham Zbeidat, the vegetable and fruit shop by Mrs. Khawla Massad, and the sewing workshop by Mrs. Ibtisam Jalayta.