Al-Istiqlal University holds interviews for the "Preparatory Year for the Russian Language"


The Center of the Poet Sergey Yesenin for Russian Language and Culture at Al-Istiqlal University held interviews for the preparatory year program in the Russian language for the academic year 2022-2023, in partnership with the Russian Center for Science and Culture / Bethlehem.

The interview committee included Dr. Mohammed Halasa, the Dean of University Centers, Dr. Mohammad Najajrah, the Director of the Russian Center at the University, and Mr. Vasily Frolov, the Director of the Bethlehem Center.

Furthermore, Dr. Halasa welcomed the students at Al-Istiqlal University, stressing the role of the program in acquiring language skills and knowledge related to the history and geography of Russia, within the scope of consolidating the Palestinian-Russian university relations, serving our high school students, and enhancing their chances of obtaining scholarships.

Moreover, Dr. Najajrah explained that the first phase of the program will be held in parallel in each of the two centers, starting from the first of September, for five consecutive months, while the second phase will be implemented at the Russian Southwestern University located in the city of Kursk, and the student will be granted a preparatory certificate after passing the test successfully.

It is noteworthy to mention that the program is being applied for the fourth year in a row, and all those who joined it were able to obtain a scholarship in a Russian university in various academic disciplines such as medicine, engineering, communications, international relations, social studies, and others.