"Al-Istiqlal holds a round table entitled "Research trends in Palestinian studies


The College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Al-Istiqlal University held a round table on "Research trends in Palestinian studies".

Dr. Walid Khaliliya, the Dean of the College, inaugurated the event and stressed its importance in evaluating the MA in "Palestinian Studies" offered by the University, to enhance strengths, identify problems and gaps and address them, and the role of this program in promoting the national culture, and graduating an elite capable of possessing the foundations of debate at the various levels.

Furthermore, he pointed out the lofty message of the specialization, which is to strengthen the Palestinian presence in the Arab collective memory and to confront the Israeli political, intellectual, religious, and historical system and its narratives that target the elements of identity and existence.

And, the workshop includes several axes, the first of which is: the evaluation of the previous stage (forms, instructions, supervision, and examiners) by Dr. Moaz Shtayyeh, the head of the Graduate Studies Department, while the program coordinator, Dr. Iyad Abu Zneit talked about the scientific research, its methodology and types, and the most prominent steps necessary to proceed with choosing the title of the thesis and writing the plan.

Moreover, Dr. Nizam Salahat referred to the modern trends of specialization, and the qualitative research topics need to delve into the seas of its sciences and knowledge, in a way that serves the local community in general, and the local community institutions in particular, as a basic building block for achieving sovereignty and advancing the development wheel forward.

In conclusion, a supervisor was chosen for each student, and a brainstorming session was conducted, besides exchanging questions and ideas, in an atmosphere of dialogue and lively and fruitful interaction.