Al-Istiqlal University hosts the periodic meeting of the Planning and Community Partnership Council


Al-Istiqlal University hosted the periodic meeting of the Planning and Community Partnership Council, which was held by the Directorate of Social Development in Jericho, represented by Ms. Hanady Barahma, and Mr. Khalil Al-Ghog, the Director of the Department of Empowerment and Community Development, in the presence of Dr. Salwa Ramadan, the Vice President for Student and Community Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Abdo, the Director of the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, and members of the Council (governmental and private).

Dr. Ramadan welcomed the attendees, stressing the University’s national role and its humanitarian and moral duty towards the Palestinians in its various segments, and its continuous endeavors to embody this vision and lofty message in cooperation with local community institutions, appreciating in this regard the efforts made by the Ministry of Development for its distinguished initiatives.

For her part, Ms. Barahma reviewed the transitional strategic plan adopted by the ministry, including "planning, implementation and accountability", and its orientations towards development, which is positively reflected in achieving the general goals and the desired outputs.

Moreover, Dr. Abdo stressed the importance of uniting individual and collective energies to develop the quality of services, support marginalized groups, shed light on their reality and needs, and improve their living conditions through quality activities and effective volunteer work.

At the end of the meeting, the participants opened the gate of discussion about the most prominent social issues related to the care and protection sector in the governorate and determined the priorities that will be addressed through small groups.