A delegation of writers and literary figures from Gaza on a visit to Al-Istiqlal University


Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Sobou, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, received a delegation of Palestinian writers and literary figures from the southern governorates, in the presence of the Vice Presidents for Military, Administrative, and Financial Affairs, Student and Community.

The delegation included Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Masry, the Director of the Palestinian Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Dr. Salah Abu Hamida / Al-Azhar University, and Mr. Abdullah Al-Tayeh, Mr. Nasser Atallah, Mr. Shafiq Al-Talouli from the General Union of Palestinian Writers and literary figures, besides the novelist Muhammad Nassar, Ms. Eman Radwan/ Decaf, Ms. Tahani El-Sayed.

Prof. Dr. Al-Sobou reviewed a brief overview of the University’s inception and establishment, and the qualitative leap it witnessed in terms of programs and infrastructure. Also, he discussed the University’s strategic vision of providing the security system with qualified and competent non-commissioned officers through the integration of both the academic part and the military dimensions.

For his part, Dr. Al-Masry talked about his experience as a lecturer at the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, describing it as “rich and unique,” pointing out the University’s tangible role in unifying national concepts, and supporting the building of the state and its components by preparing a disciplined generation, and promoting the values of loyalty and belonging.

Also, the delegation expressed its pride in this scientific edifice, which was able to be effective in the field of higher education, the security sector, the academic sciences, and the research field despite its recent birth and limited capabilities.

Furthermore, Brig. Gen. Abdallah, the deputy for Military Affairs, explained the nature of the University system, which constitutes an integrated and balanced mixture of theoretical knowledge and military security training, that includes the foundational course and daily exercises to refine personal skills and raise the level of physical fitness and establish solid partnerships with security services, to achieve a strong equation that competes with its counterparts in the world.

In a related context, Dr. Sweidan, the deputy for Administrative and Financial Affairs, talked about the responsibilities of the University to provide a safe and appropriate environment for students, in terms of human cadre, technical and logistical supplies, public facilities, training fields, and adequate nutrition under the supervision of specialists, in addition to development directions and future projects under implementation.

Moreover, Dr. Ramadan, the deputy for Student and Community Affairs, discussed the mission of Al-Istiqlal University, and its humanitarian duty towards our people, starting with giving priority to the families of martyrs, prisoners, wounded, and social cases to strengthen their steadfastness on their land, and to increase their cultural awareness.

In conclusion, the delegation was taken on a field tour, to see the University's buildings and faculties.