Al-Istiqlal University hosts the General Supervisor of the Official Media


The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Al-Istiqlal University hosted Minister Ahmed Assaf, the General Supervisor of the Official Media, who gave a lecture to the students of the "Palestinian Studies" and "Security and Civil Peace Studies" programs.

The meeting included Dr. Waleed Khaliliya, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Abd Al-Latif Abu Ouda, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Salwa Ramadan, the Dean of Student Affairs, Ms. Alaa Al-Shanti, the Assistant to the President for Communications, and Dr. Iyad Abu Zant, the Head of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy.

Minister Assaf expressed his happiness and pride in being at Al-Istiqlal University, as one of the pillars of the Palestinian state, stressing the prominent role played by the media and all its means and tools that must be used to keep pace with the daily life and reach the largest possible number of audience.

Furthermore, he gave a brief overview of the early days of contemporary Palestinian media, and the stations it went through, beginning with the establishment of the first printing press in 1830, through the establishment of many local newspapers, and the launch of radio and television, in light of the challenges and political developments that the region witnessed from 1948, all the way to the "social media" stage and the endeavors of the official media and its tangible efforts to unify the media system and its strategic path.

For his part, Dr. Khaliliya welcomed the attendees, explaining the importance of such qualitative meetings in enriching the awareness and knowledge among students, besides benefiting from the rich experiences in various fields related to the nature of the disciplines offered, and enriching the Palestinian curriculum.

Moreover, Dr. Ramadan stressed the need to shed light on the Palestinian cause by investing in the available capabilities, each in his position, and conveying the true picture of the systematic suffering of the Palestinians through our media platforms, and putting it firmly and within clear visions on the international scene.

In the end, Brig. Gen. Salman Abdullah, the Vice President for Military Affairs, met with the guest, noting the radical and dangerous change in the level of Israeli security policy, and the importance of involving students in the current situation, its reasons, and consequences in light of the unprecedented escalation by the occupation forces.