Al-Istiqlal University holds a workshop on drafting educational outputs and improving the quality of exams


The Center for Measurement and Evaluation at Al-Istiqlal University held a workshop for academic staff on drafting educational outputs and improving the quality of exams, in cooperation with the Academic Office and the Assistant President for Planning, Development, and Quality.

The meeting included Dr. Waled Khaliliya, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Halasa, the Dean of University Centers, Dr. Khaled Abu Daher, the Assistant Academic Deputy, and deans from various colleges.

Dr. Khaliliya inaugurated the meeting and stressed the importance of these cognitive courses in developing the potential of faculty members in many paths related to the nature of their work in terms of inputs and desired results, thereby enhancing efforts to improve the level of students and raising their educational achievement.

The course lasts for three consecutive days, and it will be presented by Dr. Mohamed Assaf, the Director of the Measurement and Evaluation Centre, and Dr. Mohamed Dabbous, the Director of Al-Istiqlal Centre for Strategic Studies, and Dr. Hazem Hroub. The courses will discuss several topics such as the Mechanisms of preparing for exams, and the requirements which are related to the files and quality systems by using various self-assessment tools and means according to clear visions and plans.