Al-Istiqlal University participates in the celebration of International Human Rights Day


The students of law at Al-Istiqlal University participated in the events of the International Day of Human Rights "Dignity, Freedom and Justice for the Youth of Palestine", organized by the Independent Human Rights Commission " Board of Grievances ", in Ramallah.

The event included Dr. Mohammed Shalalda, the Palestinian Minister of Justice, Mr. Issam Al-Arouri, the Commissioner-General of the Independent Human Rights Commission, Mr. Ammar Dweikat, the Director-General of the Commission, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bedosi, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Mr. Yousef Al-Baghdadi, from the Legal Clinic, and several representatives of diplomatic missions.

In his statement, Minister Shalalda stressed that the Palestinians are still under Israeli occupation, and they are fighting for their freedom and independence, noting that the universal declaration of Human Rights is an important legal and constitutional document, and the state of Palestine affirms its full commitment and implementation of all its conventions, in addition to the Protocols thereto, which marks a political victory and achievement.

Furthermore, Al-Istiqlal University Folk Arts Group implemented an art show that embodies national and revolutionary paintings of authentic Palestinian folklore and there was sensual interaction by the attendees on its tunes that blend the fragrance of the past and the modernity of the present.

For his part, Mr. Mohammed Qendah, the Director of the group, expressed his pleasure in celebrating the ceremony saying, "We are proud to be the guardians of Palestinian culture, identity, and heritage, and we work with full energy to stop all attempts to obliterate our just cause, amidst international failure and conspiracy on our land, life, and humanity."

Moreover, the event included presenting a film produced by the Media Department of Al-Istiqlal University and its students, on article five of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as part of their outreach initiative to be implemented in 2023, as well as the holding of a panel discussion and lively dialogue on active participation in human rights, youth and digital space.

It is noteworthy to mention that the University seeks to strengthen law enforcement and human rights principles to provide a comprehensive educational cognitive model and to consolidate the role of future officers in protecting and enshrining these concepts. Al-Istiqlal team has expressed its desire and aspirations to mainstream rights and respect freedoms.

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