Al-Istiqlal University participates in the conference "Inspiration in Geographic Information Systems” (GIS Day)


The Department of GIS at Al-Istiqlal University participated in the conference "Inspiration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS Day)", organized by the An-Najah National University, in the presence of Dr. Raed Halabi, a Member of the Scientific and Preparatory Committee for the Conference, Dr. Arig Al-Daghrah, the head of Department, and Mr. Mohammed Bargan.

Mr. Bargan reviewed the axes of his research “Analysis of the spatial realities of urban agglomerations in the West Bank using geographic information systems", which reflects a vivid picture of the future of urban agglomerations in terms of distribution and proliferation.

Moreover, Mr. Bargan and Dr. Faisal Sabah, from the Arab American University, presented a research entitled "Improving Municipal Services in the City of Nablus: Exploring the Role of the Municipal Administration in Reshaping Urban Space", which aims to know the extent to which master plans are applied on the ground, to achieve sustainable urban development as previously designed.

In the end, the Department of GIS discussed two scientific research in Geographic Information Systems and the Collection of Running Water in the Southern Areas of the West Bank".