Al-Istiqlal University concludes the English course in partnership with the British Council


Al-Istiqlal University concluded the English language course "English for Freelancers", in collaboration with the British Council. The event included Ms. Rana Badawan, the Director of English Programs, Dr. Maise Ouda, the Head of the Languages Department, Dr. Nawal Al-Sheikh, a lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities, and Ms. Nour Al-Kiswani, from the Department of International Relations.

Ms. Badawan welcomed the attendees, noting the depth of the academic relationship between the University and the British Council, and the readiness to promote the skills and abilities of students in the field of learning English, especially the fourth-year graduates, to open gates for online work, participate in research studies and international forums.

For her part, Ms. Al-Kiswani reviewed a brief overview of the course's main outputs, including the acquisition of life, personal, and career skills in many fields, most notably, conflict resolution, communication, dealing with different cultures, and the mechanism of using technology to keep pace with the modern techniques and labor market developments.

It is noteworthy to mention that the program continued for two consecutive semesters and was presented by Dr. Al-Sheikh and Ms. Al- Kiswani for the fourth-year students, in a way that combines theoretical knowledge and practical training, besides distributing certificates to the participants.