The President of Al-Istiqlal University president receives a delegation from the Palestinian National Security Agency


Prof. Dr. Nour Al-Din Abu Al Rob, the President of Al-Istiqlal University, received a delegation from the Palestinian National Security Agency, including Maj. Gen. Mahdi Sardah, Brig. Gen. Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharawneh, Col. Saleh Abu Amra, the Director of Planning and Training, and Lt. Col. Imad Khadraj, in the presence of  Brig. Gen. Zaher Al-Sabah, the deputy for Military Affairs, and Dr. Nayef Jarad, the deputy for Academic Affairs.

Prof. Dr. Abu Al Rob welcomed the guest delegation, stressing the importance of the partnership between Al-Istiqlal University and the Palestinian National Security Agency and its support to the University, praising the depth of cooperation between the two parties in the military and academic aspects, in addition to training courses.

Also, he added that Al-Istiqlal University is in the process to invite all the training bodies in the security services for a meeting to study and develop the strategic plans which support the message and the vision of Al-Istiqlal University.

For his part, Maj. Gen. Sardah congratulated Prof. Dr. Abu Al Rob on assuming the presidency of the University, reviewing ways to enhance cooperation, following up on diploma programs, and completing the protocol signed with Al-Istiqlal.

In conclusion, Col. Abu Amra explained the readiness and willingness of the Planning and Training Department to put all its capabilities at all levels in the service of the University and to provide trainers and students with all needs.