Prof. Dr. Nour Al-Din Abu Al-Rob meets the new Council of Deans and Centers


Prof. Dr. Nour Al-Din Abu Al-Rob met with the new Council of Deans and Centers, in the presence of Dr. Nayef Jarad, the deputy for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ali Ayayda, the deputy for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Brig. Gen. Zaher Al-Sabah, the deputy for Military Affairs. And, Dr. Fawwaz Abo Zer, the assistant to the president for Legal Affairs, Dr. Iyad Masoud, the Director of Media, Public, and International Relations, and the former members of the Council of Deans and Centers.
Prof. Dr. Abu Al-Rob congratulated the new council, stressing the importance of striving and diligence in implementing the approved plans in the colleges and centers, expanding and developing academic programs, and keeping in mind the message and vision of Al-Istiqlal University.
Furthermore, the president of the University stressed that the Board of Trustees placed its absolute confidence in moving toward the success of Al-Istiqlal University and preserving it, implementing the new development vision, devoting the foundations of transparency, credibility, and accountability, and working as a team to come up with a model of proper performance that reflects an ideal vision for building the nation's institutions.
Moreover, he said, "The deans of the faculties and centers are active partners with the students and their role is essential in activating the teaching staff to produce a generation capable of managing state institutions, and we are working on developing a plan by activating the training center, establishing a strategic center, developing technical programs, and an integrated data protection system. Also, he mentioned the improvement and rehabilitation of the students' dormitories and the military kitchen, in addition to the tangible quality of meals for our students and officers.
The new staff of the Council of Deans and Centers included:
Dr. Hazem Al-Hroub, the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Nizam Salahat, the Dean of Scientific Services Centers, Dr. Nael Zaid, the Dean of the Intermediate College, Dr. Nader Shawamreh, the Dean of the College of Humanities, Dr. Bassem Ajarmah, the Dean of the College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics, Dr. Riad Shreim, the Dean of the Training Institute, Dr. Essam Al-Atrash, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Ismail Zakarneh, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Khairiya Yahya, the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, and Dr. Zaki Abu Ziadeh, the Assistant to the President for Governance.
In conclusion, the President of the University thanked the former Council of Deans and Centers for their tangible efforts over the past period, which contributed to the upgrading and development of the university in its various dimensions, to create a positive environment for all its students and cadres.