The Legal Clinic concludes the Fair Trials Course with the General Commission for Human Rights


The Legal Clinic at Al-Istiqlal University, with the Independent Commission for Human Rights, concluded the course entitled “Guarantees of a Fair Trial” for third-year students of the Department of Law and Criminology, which lasted for three days, in the presence of Dr. Issam Al-Atrash, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Mr. Islam Al-Tamimi, the Director of the Training, Awareness and Advocacy Department at the Independent Commission for Human Rights, and Ms. Rana Assi, the Head of the Legal Clinic Department, Mr. Youssef Al-Baghdadi from the legal clinic, and Mr. Anas Bawatneh, the coordinator of Training and Awareness at the Authority.

Furthermore, the course aimed to enhance the concepts of human rights among law and police graduates, and reduce the gap between imposing the rule of law, maintaining order, respecting human rights, and adhering to fair trial guarantees, in addition to acquiring the human rights approach among graduates in the Palestinian security establishment.

The course included a discussion of human rights guarantees during inspection and investigation, protection of women from violence, the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly, human rights guarantees and standards for the use of force, combating torture in the international conventions and the Palestinian national legislation, in addition to human rights guarantees upon arrest and detention and the role of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in the field of receiving and processing citizen complaints.

At the end of the course, the administrative team gave certificates to the participants.