A delegation from the European Police visits the Center for Strategic Studies at Al-Istiqlal University


The Center for Strategic Studies at Al-Istiqlal University received a delegation from the European Police, which included Mr. Michael Longvist and Mr. Majdi Jaafar, the legal adviser to the European Police, in the presence of Dr. Nizam Salahat, the Dean of Scientific Centers, Dr. Iyad Abu Zneit, the Director of Al-Istiqlal Center for Strategic Studies, and Ms. Salam Salah, from the Department of Programs and Projects.

Dr. Salahat gave a brief about Al-Istiqlal University centers, reviewing the establishment of the Al-Istiqlal Center for Strategic Studies, and the projects carried out by the center since its establishment and throughout the previous period.

For his part, Dr. Zneit explained the directions of the center, and its departments and interests, mentioning the points of convergence and partnership with the European police and praising its role in promoting the institutions of the Palestinian state.

Moreover, Mr. Longvist pointed out how to benefit from the expertise of the European police, and that there will be other joint meetings in the future to complete the search for ways of cooperation and understanding.

In turn, Counselor Jaafar presented an introduction about the European Police, its establishment, its tasks, and the training it provides, in addition to raising the capabilities of the beneficiaries in different places and sectors, pointing out that the European Police seeks and supports research programs related to the law and crime sectors.