The Deanship of Student Affairs organizes a cultural event for students


The deanship of student affairs organized a cultural event for the students of the University, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Nour Al-Din Abu Al-Rob, the President of the University, Dr. Ali Ayada, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Ismail Zakarneh, the Dean of Student Affairs, and Mr. Bassem Qennam, the Vice Dean of Student Affairs, the Directors of Departments in the Deanship, Dr. Mohamed Abdo, the Coordinator of the Advisory Council for Social Responsibility, Dr. Iyad Masoud, the Director of the Media and Public and International Relations Department, and Ms. Nour Al-Kiswani, from the International Relations.

Prof. Dr. Abu Al-Rob praised the role of the Deanship in activating and following up on the various needs of students, besides focusing on developing the skills of students and officers and their practical capabilities and employing them in security performance and behavior in a proper manner to consolidate the spirit of national values and commitment consistent with the goals and vision of the university in preparing qualified officers knowledgeably and scientifically to engage them in the Palestinian security institutions to serve their people and country.

For his part, Dr. Zakarneh emphasized the role of extracurricular activities and events in enhancing and refining the students’ personalities and preserving the Palestinian identity, as part of the deanship’s plan to organize a continuous series of extracurricular activities, meetings, and events.

In conclusion, the event included a Ramadan breakfast, cultural competitions, poems, distributing of gifts to students, and honoring the winners of the football league, in addition to a Palestinian artistic performance, Dabkeh, by the Ambassadors of Happiness Troupe for Youth.