Ma'an News Agency and TV channel visit Al-Istiqlal University


Prof. Dr. Nour Al-Din Abu Al-Rob, the President of Al-Istiqlal University, received Eng. Raed Othman, the Director General of the Board of Directors of Ma'an News Network, Mr. Mohammed Farag, the Director General of the satellite channel, to discuss a joint work agreement, in the presence of Dr. Nayef Jarad, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Ali Ayada, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Mr. Basem Qennam, the Vice Dean of Student Affairs, and Dr. Iyad Masoud, the Director of Public and International Relations and Media Department.
Prof. Dr. Abu Al-Rob expressed his happiness for their visit to Al-Istiqlal University, presenting an overview of the continuous development that the University is going through at all academic levels, training, and facilities, praising Ma’an News Network, which is considered one of the most comprehensive news media outlets in Palestine and the Arab world and the most widespread because of its credibility, professionalism, and impartiality.
Also, he stressed the importance of the role of the media and its extensive impact on society by delivering correct information and facts, besides helping to form a continuous state of knowledge for the Palestinians, especially since we are still under occupation.
For his part, Eng. Othman appreciated the efforts of the University and its continuous activities, expressing his pleasure in visiting the University and its presidency, where he explained the mechanisms of working on extending partnership and signing an annual cooperation agreement with Al-Istiqlal University.