Discussing a Master's thesis on the role of change strategies in enhancing knowledge management in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior


The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Al-Istiqlal University discussed a master's thesis by student Asma Jasser Nujoom, entitled "The Role of Change Strategies in Enhancing Knowledge Management in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior."
The results of the study showed that there is a direct, medium, and statistically significant correlation between change strategies and knowledge management in all its dimensions in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, besides that changing strategies, came in terms of rationality, coercion, education, and awareness directed at a medium degree, and the level of the knowledge management application in terms of knowledge generation, knowledge application, storage, and sharing came to a moderate degree.
Furthermore, the study recommended that change programs have to be implemented with the participation of employees and taking their opinions before and after the completion of the implementation of change programs in the ministry, and the need to persuade employees to change and accept it, and to include items for generating knowledge in the ministry's budget, strengthening the application of knowledge management, creating a vision for knowledge management, providing appropriate technological infrastructure and providing adequate financial support and the creation of an independent organizational unit concerned with supervising knowledge management.
Moreover, the discussion committee consisted of Dr. Mervat Shaheen, the Chairman, Dr. Salah Sabry, an external examiner, and Dr. Mohamed Halasa, an internal examiner, in the presence of several faculty members and University employees.
In conclusion, the committee praised the researcher's efforts and presentation and recommended her success after taking into consideration of the necessary notes and observations, to enrich the research aspect of the study.