Al-Istiqlal University celebrates the graduation of the eleventh batch of bachelor's students and the fifth batch of intermediate diploma students (Freedom Regiment)


Under the auspices of HE President Mahmoud Abbas, the Supreme Commander of the Palestinian Security Forces and the Chairman of the Palestinian National Liberation Organization, and in the presence of Dr. Ziad Abu Amro, the representative of the President and the member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Lt. Gen. Haj Ismail Abu Jabr, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Istiqlal University, and members of the Board of Trustees, Al-Istiqlal University celebrated the graduation of the eleventh batch of bachelor's students, and the fifth batch of intermediate diploma students (Freedom Regiment), in Martyr "Abu Ali Iyad" Square in the University campus.
The event included Prof. Dr. Nour Al-Din Abu Al-Rob, the President of Al-Istiqlal University, his deputies for Administrative, Academic, and Military Affairs, the members of the Executive Committees of the Liberation Organization and the Revolutionary Council of the Fatah movement, governors, the heads of the Palestinian security services, members of the accredited Arab and foreign diplomatic corps, representatives of official, popular and civil institutions, and a group of national legal personalities, deans of colleges and members of the teaching and administrative staff, and the families of the graduate students.
In his speech, Dr. Abu Amro congratulated the graduate students, wishing them a prosperous future, delivering the interest of HE President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian government in this distinguished edifice, which was able to carve its mark and become a scientific stronghold competing with local and regional universities, through its uniqueness in an integrated model that combines the academic and military parts, and its graduation of officers and non-commissioned officers who can serve their people in the various aspects of life.
Furthermore, he said that the University has become the first academic and national fortress in Palestine for the comprehensive concept of military, and provides its institutions with specialized security staff that contributes to ensuring security and stability, besides calling the university's board of trustees and its presidency to preserve and develop it, as it became one of the largest Palestinian universities.
Moreover, Lt. Gen. Haj Ismail Abu Jabr, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Istiqlal University and Assistant to the President of the Palestinian Security Forces, expressed his pride among his sons, the graduates of the Freedom Regiment, saying: “I feel pride and hope among you, and I am addressing a promising young Palestinian generation that will bear the responsibility after us until we achieve our legitimate rights and establish our independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.
And, he addressed his speech to the administrative team of the university, the president of the university, his deputies, his assistants, the teaching staff, and the employees, saying: “Your people and leadership trust in you and these students are our sons and we have to graduate educated generation to society that bears the wills of the martyrs and leaders who preceded us, so with knowledge and work we will reach what we aspired to.”
Also, he congratulated the graduate students and their families, saying “Your distinction is the biggest message of the occupation and the unjust world that supports it. Be a model of the will to live and survive. Our real resistance is by remaining on our land and implanting in it. So be messengers of love, science, morals, dedication, and sincerity in your future work. Al-Istiqlal University has the right to be proud of its excellence and success in graduating a group of the best of our people, and I wish you more progress and success.”
For his part, HE Prof. Dr. Abu Al-Rob welcomed the guests to Al-Istiqlal University, the Palestinian People’s Foundation, which was built by the blood of its martyrs, the sacrifices of their families and fighters, and the groans and patience of mothers, to be a unique and distinctive beacon that embraces the future leaders, who are academically and security-qualified, and armed with belonging and loyalty to Palestine, their people, and their leadership.
Adding, “Al-Istiqlal University has taken the responsibility of educating, training, and qualifying officers to serve the country and its citizens, instilling the values of loyalty and belonging and the rules of discipline. The presidency of the university has started since the first day of the issuance of the presidential decree on the tenth of January 2023, in cooperation and consultation with the University’s Board of Trustees, to study the conditions of the university in all administrative, financial, academic and military aspects and the team started to develop an action plan, which included the restoration of the university’s identity based on Decree-Law No. 15 of 2013, a governmental university for security sciences, besides the re-consideration of the partnership with the Palestinian security institution, job inflation, control of administrative and financial affairs, and the promotion of scientific research.
Also, he addressed the graduate students “We learned from the martyrs the meaning of freedom, so always be free, believe in your dreams, fight to achieve them, and do not allow the frustration to stop your will. We have cultivated in you self-confidence, the ability to cooperate, love, respect for ranks, adherence to military regulations, and the skill of dealing with the audience and professionalism through work, friendly speech, and patience, so work hard for your people, your leadership, and your university.
The ceremony included raising the Palestinian flag and the flag of Al-Istiqlal University and playing military music.
The speech of the graduates was delivered by the student Yousef Ramadan, thanking the administration of Al-Istiqlal University and the teaching and training staff of professors, officers, and non-commissioned officers who contributed to teaching and training the students, defying difficulties and replacing pain with hope for the future, describing the hard years of study and the feelings of love and pleasure between colleagues and comrades-in-arms, in addition to learning the love of the land, martyrs and the prisoners who sacrificed their lives to gain freedom and live in dignity.
In conjunction, Dr. Nayef Jarad, the vice president for Academic Affairs of Al-Istiqlal University, declared the completion of the graduation requirements for the academic year 2022-2023.
Brig. Gen. Zaher Al-Sabbah, the Vice President for Military Affairs of Al-Istiqlal University, delivered the military oath to the graduate students, and the flag was handed over to third-year students.
The first graduates were honored in the university’s majors as follows:
The Student Youssef Mohamed Ramadan –first place in police sciences and law - Faculty of Law.
The Student Rahaf Omar Abu Al-Rub – first place in Administrative Information Systems- Faculty of Administrative Sciences.
The student Mervat Ezzat Nawaja, first place in Security Sciences – Faculty of Humanities.
The Student Saria Mahmoud Ahmed – First place in Security Geographic Information Systems - Intermediate College for Security Studies. (Diploma)